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InstaCare - Round the clock access to
healthcare & chronic illness monitoring

Back-end to front-end design & development.



Eazefabric - Minimal & featured store for your
African print & clothing

Design and development for all store pages. Populating products as well as setting up payment & shipping dynamics..

Jeffersons hospital

Ubi - Patients' portal
management in a mobile application

Designs for pages & navigation. WhatsApp chatbot development. Mobile app development.

Smart and Flexible Solutions & Services

Identify. Fathom. Evaluate. Solve. Improve.

Custom Software Development

Organisations frequently develop custom software to fill in the gaps of their existing commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

Web & Mobile Development

Web application development is an extension of standard software development with distinctive characteristics such as an increased need for an iterative development process. Have a web app but no mobile presence? Fun Fact: 9 in 10 people hold a smartphone in their hands today.

DevOps Automation

Automation unlocks the true potential of your systems and operations. DevOps involves combining software development tools with operations, which are typically separate functions in a traditional data centre.

Software Prototyping

Iteratively creating incomplete versions of an application, resulting in its progressive improvement and organic scaling. In a dynamic environment, prototyping is the only way to kill the cat.

Digital solutions for your business.

From enterprise to standalone software solutions, we have partnered with our clients to steer the digital transformation movement.

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